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NYU Stern Leadership Development

Leadership Development at Stern provides students with personalized leadership development opportunities that empower them to continually evolve as effective leaders who create value for business and society. A focus on experiential learning and individual attention helps students hone key skills and develop their leadership style.


Today’s leaders face a range of new leadership challenges. The 2018 Leadership in Crisis Simulation focused on leading in a time of crisis, influencing people to succeed in achieving a common goal, and understanding how to tap into the strengths of others.

2018 Leadership in Crisis Simulation

At NYU Stern, we believe the work of a leader starts first from within…self-awareness is the foundation of leadership excellence and our Leadership Development programming is structured to guide MBA students through this “inside out” work before steering them to the “outside in” content (i.e., team dynamics, managing others, influencing without authority, building stakeholder relationships, etc.). What better way than to immerse the students in a real-life scenario where they are presented with a highly challenging situation?

Thanks to the incredible support from Alvarez & Marsal (A&M), our Platinum Sponsor, we were able to bring this unique experience to the MBA Students in the Leadership Development Program (1st year full-time MBA students). The Crisis Simulation was executed by Dr. Larry Barton, one of the world’s leading experts in Crisis Management and Threat Assessment and by Connie Kim, the Senior Director of Leadership Development at NYU Stern.

Senior leaders from A&M and our corporate partners had the exclusive opportunity to participate in this inaugural event as Judges. Judges observed the teams “in action” throughout the crisis and provided the students with invaluable insights and feedback on their ability to manage and lead in a crisis. However, it is not just what decisions are made that were assessed, but also how and what each of these simulation teams communicated to the Reporters, whose job was to act as media outlets, pepper them with questions about the crisis situation, and assess how they respond to “in-the-limelight” pressure. The Control Room Actors made it feel real – this group wore their acting caps and delivered the scripted simulation…all while watching their teams in (re)action.

There were approximately 115 people involved in the simulation with nearly 70% represented by current MBA students and alums (comprised of: LDP1s, LDP alums, IOP alums (EMBAs who went through the leadership development program), MBA2s and Langone students).

Crisis Simulation Video

Crisis Simulation Student Reflections

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