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How Self-Reflection Can Help Leaders Stay Motivated

How Self-Reflection Can Help Leaders Stay Motivated

By Klodiana Lanaj, Trevor A. Faulk, and Amir Erez// This article was originally posted on hbr.org.   We tend to romanticize leadership. When friends are promoted to managerial positions, we slap them on the back, tell them that they finally made it, and congratulate them for their hard work. Our reactions are understandable. Occupying a […]

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Broaden Your Capacity to Lead and Influence

Leadership Personalized uses individual assessments and one-on-one leadership coaching to help students apply knowledge and skills they’ve gained to create a customized plan to achieve their personal goals. Students start with a customized 360 assessment tool the summer before they arrive at Stern, allowing them to begin their leadership development on Day 1 of their […]

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